We are excited to be hosting another Spring Days Web series! 

The first Pearson English Spring Days took place in 2020, designed to respond swiftly with useful webinars offering practical support and resources in times of dramatic change for teaching and learning. One year on, many institutions are still closed and many educators continue to work online or in blended contexts. Others, back at school, find learning gaps and increasingly diverse levels in their classrooms. 

How has everyone coped, and how do we continue to cope? What support is needed as we move towards or adjust to new settings for language learning?

The second Pearson English Spring Days event is designed to pick up on these questions. We'll be looking at Lost Learning, Hybrid Learning and Techno Stress. The speakers, some of whom took part in the first event and in others we've run over the last year, will refer to their own experiences, and those of colleagues, customers or trainees they've been working with.

In the spirit of Spring days, we will offer insights for the future with a sense of the positive change that can be brought about in adverse circumstances. We will provide resources that educators can pick up and use, as well as methodological tips you can put into practice in your classrooms. 

The topics and sessions have had input from our teacher groups, thank you all for sharing your insights, we're looking forward to Learning Together with you


A Year of Online Learning: What's Working, What’s Not
A Reflective Teacher – how to make every lesson count with the ESAP framework
Hybrid learning - tips & tricks (to move forward)
Formative assessment: the principles and practicalities of assessing young learners from a distance
A Reflective Teacher – how to make every lesson count with the ESAP framework
One year on: adapting your self-care
Online Assessment: Where Are We Now?
From theory to practice: activities for any classroom
The Challenges of teaching in pandemic times
Online Assessment: Where Are We Now?
Enhancing your students' wellbeing through stories
Enhancing your students' wellbeing through stories
Hybrid learning - tips and tricks (to move forward)
Formative assessment: the principles and practicalities of assessing young learners from a distance
Spring Days 2021 Hyrbid Learning Round-Table
Spring Days Webinar Template